Healthy Food Choices

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There is an old saying, “you are what you eat”.

Your body uses what you put into it to renew itself.

Your body is designed to heal and rebuild all the cells within it, each few years. Some cells are replaced more frequently than others. Drinking enough clean water is important for all body functions. Healthy food choices contribute to optimum results. Fresh healthy food will be that which supplies high nutrition and very little body pollution. Pizza and hamburgers supply plenty of body pollution with very little useful nutrients! Pop is not clean water. Your washer has a rinse cycle using just water. What would cloths be like without that rinse cycle. Your body will enjoy a rinse cycle. Getting enough clean water in between meals will make a noticeable difference.

The best detox diet, is everyday consumption of fresh clean food and water. As opposed to off the shelf packaged food.
Healthy foods are generally those that require refrigeration and have potential to spoil.
Fresh produce as vegetables and fruit. Good clean water is important.
Frame of Mind

Supplement nutrients with fresh vegetable and fruit juices.

Fresh vegetable juice from a juicer or tablet or capsule vitamin supplements. minerals. Fresh vegetable juice contains live enzymes and nutrients in natures amounts, in a form that is immediately available to your system. There no substitute for the action this living form of supplement has for your body.


You are mostly made of water. About 60 percent of your body is made up of water. All that water helps you to carry other nutrients around your body, controls the temperature of your body, and moves food down along your system and eventually come out of your body. You can get a lot of water by drinking it by itself, in drinks, or from food. Many fruits are more than 90 percent water.